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New Disney Infinity Figures Leaked

Around last Thanksgiving, I found myself getting into Disney Infinity; Disney’s venture into the toys-to-life craze. In the game, players creating various types of content (such as races or combat scenarios) in a sandbox environment, and their creations can be shared with other players online. The video game has you collecting figures of your favorite Disney characters in real life so you can play as them.

A second wave of figures was released last fall; which included not only classic Disney characters such as Tinkerbell and Stitch, but Marvel characters as well. While Disney has yet to announce anything about the third installment of toys, it appears that Disney already has a number of them ready to go. A Chinese retailer called Taobao has leaked some of the characters that will be release along side the 3.0 edition of the game.


Although the listing for the figures has been removed from the sight, a number of sites have saved pictures of the characters that were leaked. Among those revealed were Frozen‘s Olaf, classic Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Mulan, Sam and Quorra from Tron: Legacy, and even characters from the upcoming Pixar move Inside Out. Not only are the figures revealed, but the designs for the flyers and packaging is as well.30figureleak_1024.0

This prompts me to ask whether or not Star Wars characters will be coming to Disney Infinity this year. With the new Star Wars movie coming out in December, it only makes sense that they would release the characters to coincide with the film. Plus, I’m pretty sure a lot of fans are eager to see them in the game.

At this point, I’m really curious about what new things the 3rd edition of Disney Infinity has in store for us. The 2.0 update added various additions to the game; such as an improved ability system for characters, enhanced creation tools, interiors and more. What will be brought to the table this year?