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March’s “Games with Gold” are Pretty Amazing

xbox-games-with-gold-listXbox Gold Members can get their hands on two awesome games for free this month as part of the “Games with Gold” program. Tomb Raider is currently being offered till March 15th, while Bioshock: Infinite will be available from March 16 – 30.


potential-banner-2Tomb Raider, starring the famous Lara Croft, is the 2nd reboot of the popular franchise. In what is regarded as an origin story, Lara and her friends are shipwrecked on an island called Yamatai; off the coast of Japan. The island is inhabited by a violent cult that worships a deceased Shaman Queen named Himiko; who’s believed to have cursed the island. Lara must use wits and courage to survive as she and her friends struggle to find a way off the island. Tomb Raider combines exploration, puzzle solving, combat, and even stealth to give players the great sense of adventure the series is known for.


Bioshock-Infinite-Wallpaper-Full-Images-DesktopBioshock: Infinite is a first-person shooter set in early 20th century America. Players assume the role as Booker DeWitt, a former Pinkerton agent who is sent to the floating air city of Columbia to rescue a young woman named Elizabeth. Elizabeth has the ability to open “Tears” in the space-time continuum; a gift that the two soon realize will only make their escape more difficult. These powers play an active role in the game, as Elizabeth can use them to aid the player in combat and exploration. While it’s gameplay is almost identical to that of previous installments, Bioshock: Infinite‘s story and setting make it stand out as a thrilling tale.


Both Tomb Raider and Bioshock: Infinite were some of 2013’s biggest blockbusters. If you missed out on them, now is your chance to grab a copy.