Skyrim Hearthfire DLC Announced

Skyrim fans will be happy to know that more downloadable content is coming to the game next week. Besthesda has announced that the new Skyrim add-on Hearthfire is being released September 4th for 400 Microsoft points. The DLC won’t be adding new epic quests to the game, however. Rather than focusing on the adventurous part of Skyrim, Hearthfire focuses on the simulation.

Hearthfire will allow players to buy land in Skyrim and build their own house; as opposed to buying one of the pre-built houses in the game. You will be able to customize the house to your liking and add a variety of furnishings. These include stables, forges, alchemy gardens, enchanting tables, armories, shrines, mannequins, and a taxidermy. Various staff can be hired to perform tasks for you; such as a carriage driver to transport you around Skyrim, a steward to look after your home, and even a bard to entertain you. Finally, the ability to adoption and raise children is being added to the game as well.

A lot of fans who enjoyed Dawngaurd (previous downloadable content) might be turned off by Hearthfire’s lack of adventurous content. They might not care for the simulation content Hearthfire will add to Skyrim. As for me, I think this expansion looks really cool and will add some new fun to the game. Who doesn’t like the idea of owning their own personal estate? Besides, it will be nice to have something to do besides fighting monsters and completing quests.


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