Game Developers Benefit From Steam’s Sales

Steam is an online game distributer that sells games in which you can download to your computer. These games range from big name franchises to smaller games made by independent developers. Steam has become popular with consumers thanks to its ease of use and the special sales it has from time to time. Its annual sales have recently been proven to be not only popular with consumers but with game developers as well.

Today, gaming website Gamasutra interviewed various game developers whose products had been discounted in this year’s Steam Summer Sale. Some of these developers include Runic Games CEO Max Schaefer (Torchlight) and indie developer Edmund McMillen (Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac). According to them, the sales not only helped increase revenue but also increased interest in their games. They found that consumers were even willing to buy their games at full price once the sales were over.

What makes this news interesting is the fact that not everybody is happy with Steam’s sales. In an interview with Gameindustry International, EA’s David DeMartini criticized Steam’s annual discounts; claiming it cheapens intellectual property. What’s funny about this is that David DeMartini is the head of Origin; an online game distributer is owned by EA. He was obviously  making a jab at his competitor in the interview. Based on how well developers are benefiting from Steam, though, I’m believe that Mr. DeMartini will have his foot in his mouth in no time.


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