No Final Fantasy 7 Remake Anytime Soon

Many believe that Final Fantasy 7 is the best role playing game of all time. The game has sold over 10 million copies world wide, so it’s not hard to see why that is the case. Fans have been clamoring for Square-Enix to remake Final Fantasy 7 for years. They’ll have to keep waiting though, because Square-Enix has no plans to remake the game anytime soon.

During a Q&A session at Square-Enix’s annual shareholder’s briefing, CEO Yoichi Wada said that a Final Fantasy 7 remake will only happen if a new Final Fantasy can top it in both quality and sales. According to Wada, if Square-Enix was to remake Final Fantasy 7, the series would be done for. He also said that the team assigned to the project would have to be fully committed to making the game.

While I have played various games in the Final Fantasy series, I have not had the privilege of playing Final Fantasy 7. Based on the other entries in the franchise, I’m sure it is an excellent game. Do to the game’s age, I can see why fans have been begging for a remake. However, I believe it’s reasonable for Square-Enix to want to wait until they’ve created another amazing Final Fantasy before they remake one.

After the mix reception Final Fantasy 13 and its sequel received, I think its best for Square-Enix to focus their efforts on making new, better quality titles. Of course, I wouldn’t mind Square-Enix remaking Final Fantasy 7 sometime in the future. It would give me the chance to play the game so many people have praised over the years.


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