Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut DLC Arrives June 26th

Were you disappointed by the way Mass Effect 3’s ended? Many fans certainly were, and they didn’t waste anytime expressing their distaste of the endings to Bioware. Whether you liked it or not, you may have a reason to play Mass Effect 3 to the end again. Bioware has announced that it will be releasing the Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut DLC for free on June 26th.

Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut will expand the game’s original endings by providing additional scenes and epilogue sequences; aiming to give players more closure rather than confusion. While the endings themselves haven’t changed, the new endings gives players a better idea of how their choices affected the story. This is good, considering that many fans felt their actions throughout the series didn’t affect Mass Effect 3’s endings as promised. The DLC will be a 1.9 GB download, so gamers will need to make room on their console’s hard drive to get the free content.

To be honest, I never finished Mass Effect 3. I was a bit upset when I heard the endings were disappointing, so I stopped playing the game. Now that the Extended Cut is coming out, I’m excited and motivated to finish Mass Effect 3. I just hope that the new, extended endings don’t disappoint. It would be a shame if Bioware’s efforts to appease fans only upsets them more.

Are you looking forward to the extended endings, or do you think they’ll be disappointing? Leave a comment below!

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