Horseback Combat Comes To Skyrim

The last patch for Skyrim added new cinematic kill cams to the game, and it appears that Bethesda is planning on giving players even more free content. Skyrim’s recent patch (1.6) adds horseback combat to the game.

After piddling around with the horse combat for a bit, I have to say that it works well. You can attack foes with any one handed weapon and attack them from afar using a bow. If you’re wielding a bow on horseback; you can use the ability Steady Hand; which slows down time while aiming. Unfortunately, you can not use magic on horseback, which sucks for magic users. Seriously, how hard could lobbing a fireball from a horse be?

Despite not being able to use magic, horse combat is fun and a nice addition to Skyrim. The fact that it’s being added to the game for free is pretty cool too. I’m just waiting for Bethesda to add companion customization to Skyrim. Perhaps they will add it in the next patch?

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