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Kinect Support Heading to Skyrim

A few weeks ago I reported that the latest patch for Skyrim would be adding new content to the game. Well, it appears that this patch won”t be the last of it’s kind. The game’s publisher Bethesda has recently announced that it be releasing another patch that will add more content to the game; this time adding Kinect Support.

Using the Kinect’s speech recognition, players will be able to issue over 200 voice commands in the game. Some of these commands include issuing orders to companions, performing dragon shouts, access inventory, and even change equipment. Bethesda will reveal a full list of these voice commands in the next couple of weeks.

The patch also includes various interface tweaks as well.  Players looking to organize their inventory will be able to  sort  items by name, weight, and value. Other additions  include additional hotkey options and special map functions; all though Bethesda didn’t explain what they would be.

The new patch is expected to hit Xbox 360 consoles the week of April 23rd.