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Mass Effect Armor Coming to Final Fantasy 13-2

No, you didn’t read the title wrong.  N7 armor from the Mass Effect series is heading to Final Fantasy 13-2 as DLC. For just $3.00, players will be able to outfit protagonists Serah and Noel in the iconic suit of armor. The duo will not only wear the armor in battle, but throughout the game’s story as well.

This will not be the only crossover outfit to appear in Final Fantasy 13-2.  Ezio Auditore’s outfit from Assassian”s Creed 2  will be made available through DLC as well in the next couple of weeks. Unlike the Mass Effect armor, the assassin outfit is only available for Noel.

While this is not an official  crossover between the two franchises, it still is pretty interesting. I personally hope that there will be Final Fantasy DLC for Mass Effect 3.  Maybe some Final Fantasy weapons and armor for Shepard to equip? A man can only dream.


Latest Skyrim Patch Adds New Content

Most patches for video games fix bugs and technical issues,  but the newest patch for The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is doing a little more than that.

Aside from fixing various issues, the latest patch for Skyrim adds new kill cams to the game. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, kill cams are special cinematic kills that the player’s character may perform in the game.  The patch includes kill cams for spells and projectile weapons (which did not have kill cams before the patch) and new kill cams for melee weapons.

For a complete list of big fixes and new features: check out the patch note on Bethesda’s Blog: