Angry Birds Developer Turns Down Zynga Offer

Since being founded in 2007, Zynga has grown quite considerably in wealth; making $850 million dollars in revenue last year.  Earlier this year, the “Farmville” developer set its sights on accumulating more wealth by acquiring the company Rovio; developer of the hit mobile game “Angry Birds”.  Zynga’s  plans to buy Rovio, however, were disrupted by  the “Angry Birds” developer itself.

During the Summer, Zynga made an offer to buyout Rovio for $2.25 billion dollars; an offer that Rovio refused.  Rovio representatives say they rejected the proposition due to Zynga’s reputation of having harsh working conditions; which have been reported by The New York TimesAccording to The New York Times, employees have filed complaints that range from stressful deadlines to long hours.

All though it would appear that Rovio is crazy for turning down such an offer, the company may be better off staying independent.  Their hit game “Angry Birds” has become very profitable for the company, having more than 12 million paid downloads since its release on Apple’s App Store.  With brand merchandise including apparel, board games,  toys, and an upcoming movie, “Angry Birds” is bound to make Rovio undergo some serious growth within the following years.

Personally, I think it’s great that Rovio stood its ground against Zynga.  If I had a company with big hit like “Angry Birds”, I would much rather see it grow than be bought out by another company; especially one with a reputation like Zynga‘s. Speaking of which, why is Zynga so interested in buying Rovio anyway? Doesn’t it have enough money already?

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