PETA Not Happy With New Mario Game

It’s common for people to complain about the violence or sexual content that appears in some mature video games. A complaint about a video game promoting the wearing of fur, however, is something you don’t hear everyday. PETA has recently issued such a complaint, and apparently the offender is Nintendo’s mascot Mario.

In the new 3DS game “Super Mario 3D Land”, Mario has a special raccoon dog suit called the Tanooki which gives him special powers. Players must use the suit at various points in the game to help Mario get through the game’s levels. According to PETA, Mario’s use of the Tanooki is telling players that it’s okay to wear fur.

I am quite curious as to why PETA is now criticizing the use of the Tanooki in a Mario game, as this isn’t the first time it has appeared. The Tanooki first appeared in Super Mario Bros. 3, which came out backin 1988.  Still,  I don’t think the controversy will hurt sales for “Super Mario 3D Land”; the game has all ready sold over 300,000 units so far.

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