Mario: A Pop Culture Icon

Since the release of Super Mario Bros. in 1985, Mario has been moving up in the video game industry.  The Nintendo’s mascot earned the title as the best selling video game franchise of all time; having sold more than 262 million copies world wide.  With his huge popularity, it should be not surprise that Mario has become a pop culture icon.

Much like other popular fictional characters, Mario can be found in many of today’s merchandise;  such as shirts, hats, lunchboxes, coffee mugs, and backpacks.  There’s even a movie based on the video game franchise; all though it was poorly received by fans. Even the theme music to the game is widely recognized by people.

It is clear that Mario has became an household name; just like Spongebob, Mickey Mouse, and others have as well.  With the continued success of his games, he is sure to stay popular for years to come.  It will be interesting to see what Mario’s future game’s will be like; especially with Nintendo’s new video game console just around the corner.


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