Downloadable Content: Extend Your Game!

For most gamers, finishing a video game is a moment of mixed emotions.  On one hand, you’re happy that you beat the game; on the other, you’re sad that it’s over.  Luckily, there is a way to extend your game through downloadable content (DLC);  which is addition content for video games that can be download to your game console.

By purchasing downloadable content, players can get more content for their games; such as extra levels, weapons, and even customization items.  There may be addition characters you can play as, or even more quest and adventures to go on.  With downloadable content, games last longer than they would on their own.

While downloadable content has been around for a while now, a recent study by the research firm EEDAR has shown that only 51 percent of console gamers purchase downloadable content.  Despite this, downloadable content has grown popular over the years due to the appeal of extended game time.  If you’re interested in getting more out of your games, buy some downloadable content and enjoy what they have to offer.

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