E3: The Electronic Entertainment Expo

E3, otherwise know as the Electronic Entertainment Expo, is a trade fair for the video game industry held in Los Angeles, California.  Many video game developers use the expo to show off their upcoming games and game hardware.  Despite being invitation only, last year’s E3’s had 45,600 attendees and 300 exhibitors.

Generally, a game developer’s exhibit will include trailers and/or gameplay clips of their upcoming game.  Some times,  they  even have a playable demo of their game as well.  This is great for journalists, as it gives them some hands-on experience with the game.

Since it’s creation, the Electronic Entertainment Expo has become the biggest trade fair in the video game industry.  Many big name  game  developers attend E3 from year to year; showcasing their upcoming video game blockbusters to the public.  You could say the Electronic Entertainment Expo the biggest event of the year for the industry, due to the news coverage it receives.

While E3 is not open to the public, professionals who work in the game industry or journalism field have the ability to attend the expo. If you can prove that you work in these fields, then you are eligible to attend e3.  More information can be found at the expo’s website at: http://www.e3expo.com/attendee/1205/registration-faq/.  Perhaps you’ll be one of the lucky ones who gets to go to next year’s E3.


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