Protect Your Gaming Account from Getting Hacked!

Many gamers use game accounts, such as  Xbox gamertags, to  access additional activities on their gaming console; such as the ability to purchase downloadable games,  play online with friends, and even have access to other online services including Netflix and Hulu. Unfortunately, many gamers are at risked of having their accounts hacked into and their information stolen. According to mail online news, an estimated 77 million Playstation users had their personal information compromised by hackers earlier this year.  Luckily, there are ways to protect your account from hackers and keep it safe and secure.

First, use a password that is long and complex so that it will be difficult for hackers to guess.  Just make sure that the password will be easy for you to remember.  Second, don’t put any important personal information such as credit card information in your account. This will prevent hackers from stealing that information from you if they are successful at hacking into your account.  Lastly, don’t ever give away your account information to anyone; especially to sites that promise you prizes for doing so.

Following these tips can help keep your game account secure and your personal information safe from hackers. You’ll be able to spend more time playing and less time worrying.  I hope this information was useful to all my fellow gamers out there; be sure to share it with your friends!


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