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Downloadable Content: Extend Your Game!

For most gamers, finishing a video game is a moment of mixed emotions.  On one hand, you’re happy that you beat the game; on the other, you’re sad that it’s over.  Luckily, there is a way to extend your game through downloadable content (DLC);  which is addition content for video games that can be download to your game console.

By purchasing downloadable content, players can get more content for their games; such as extra levels, weapons, and even customization items.  There may be addition characters you can play as, or even more quest and adventures to go on.  With downloadable content, games last longer than they would on their own.

While downloadable content has been around for a while now, a recent study by the research firm EEDAR has shown that only 51 percent of console gamers purchase downloadable content.  Despite this, downloadable content has grown popular over the years due to the appeal of extended game time.  If you’re interested in getting more out of your games, buy some downloadable content and enjoy what they have to offer.


E3: The Electronic Entertainment Expo

E3, otherwise know as the Electronic Entertainment Expo, is a trade fair for the video game industry held in Los Angeles, California.  Many video game developers use the expo to show off their upcoming games and game hardware.  Despite being invitation only, last year’s E3’s had 45,600 attendees and 300 exhibitors.

Generally, a game developer’s exhibit will include trailers and/or gameplay clips of their upcoming game.  Some times,  they  even have a playable demo of their game as well.  This is great for journalists, as it gives them some hands-on experience with the game.

Since it’s creation, the Electronic Entertainment Expo has become the biggest trade fair in the video game industry.  Many big name  game  developers attend E3 from year to year; showcasing their upcoming video game blockbusters to the public.  You could say the Electronic Entertainment Expo the biggest event of the year for the industry, due to the news coverage it receives.

While E3 is not open to the public, professionals who work in the game industry or journalism field have the ability to attend the expo. If you can prove that you work in these fields, then you are eligible to attend e3.  More information can be found at the expo’s website at:  Perhaps you’ll be one of the lucky ones who gets to go to next year’s E3.

Protect Your Gaming Account from Getting Hacked!

Many gamers use game accounts, such as  Xbox gamertags, to  access additional activities on their gaming console; such as the ability to purchase downloadable games,  play online with friends, and even have access to other online services including Netflix and Hulu. Unfortunately, many gamers are at risked of having their accounts hacked into and their information stolen. According to mail online news, an estimated 77 million Playstation users had their personal information compromised by hackers earlier this year.  Luckily, there are ways to protect your account from hackers and keep it safe and secure.

First, use a password that is long and complex so that it will be difficult for hackers to guess.  Just make sure that the password will be easy for you to remember.  Second, don’t put any important personal information such as credit card information in your account. This will prevent hackers from stealing that information from you if they are successful at hacking into your account.  Lastly, don’t ever give away your account information to anyone; especially to sites that promise you prizes for doing so.

Following these tips can help keep your game account secure and your personal information safe from hackers. You’ll be able to spend more time playing and less time worrying.  I hope this information was useful to all my fellow gamers out there; be sure to share it with your friends!

Video Games from Around the World

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Since it first began, the video game industry has grown quite considerably;  so much that it is worth $65 billion dollars as of July 2011.  It should be no surprise then that game developers have been popping up around the world.  Many of the video games we play are not only from the United States, but from other countries as well.  You’d be surprised at how similar some of these games are.

The first game I’ll be showing you today is called Limbo; which was developed by the Danish game company Playdead.  Limbo is a platform-puzle game about a boy in Limbo (hence the game’s title) who is searching for his missing sister.  Players control the boy in the game’s dark environment; avoiding various hazards the game throws at them by solving puzzles and using machinery.  If the player is unable to avoid the game’s hazard’s, the boy suffers from a gruesome death.

The second game I’ll be showing you today is called Toki Tori; which was developed by the Dutch game company Two Tribes B.V.  Toki Tori is a puzzle game about a baby chick who goes on a a quest to save his brothers and sister, after they were blown out of their nest.  The goal of the game is to gather up all the eggs throughout each level within a certain amount of time; using various tools given to you at the beginning of a level.  These tools include a teleporter, freeze ray, ghost trap, and a bridge builder.

The last game I’ll be showing you is called Braid; which was made by the American game developer Jonathan Blow.  Braid is a platform game about a man named Tim who searching for a princess that was kidnapped by a terrible monster. The game consists of many levels which the player must guide Tim through by maneuvering platforms, defeating enemies and solving puzzles. This is accomplished by utilizing Tim’s ability to control time; which allows the player to rewind, fast forward, and stop time in the game.

As you see, while these games are visibly different, they share many similarities as well.  Limbo, Braid, and Toki Tori are all puzzle-platformers featuring protagonists that are searching for someone dear to them.  Of course, there is also plenty of diversity among these games as well.  We can expect to see more games like these from around the world as the video game industry continues to expand.