Girls and Video Games: The Surprising Facts

Over the years, video games have been generally labeled as a guy thing.  That’s understandable, seeing how it is a male dominated activity. You might be surprised, however, to find that girls play video games as well.  There are more female gamers than there has been before and the statistics may surprise you.

While female gamers are still outnumbered by there male counterparts, studies have shown that females make up 42 percent of the game population. Based on those numbers, the male-to-female gamer ratio could be equal someday. Studies have also shown that there are more women who play video games than there are boys that do. That is quite interesting considering how video games were once looked at as a childish activity.

With the amount of female gamers on the rise, the video game industry needs to start making games that appeal to them. One of the best ways to do this is by creating more games that feature a female leading role. Of course, there are games out there that can appeal to both male and female gamers alike. In fact, it may be best for the video game industry to create games that both genders can play together.

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